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Anything can fall into pieces
A heart can be shattered into a thousand pieces.

You say above the clouds,
That the sky is always blue,
It can be hard to understand when you can't see it.

And you say that after the storms whip has comes,
The sun appear,
But it rarely helps those who have been wet.

They say that what happens is always good for something,
The belief we got, to use it.
You say so much,
But you know so little when anxiety has the grab.

Soul marks the feelings of illusions burst.

For when friends disappear and when life is troubled,
You're looking at all with quite different eyes.
Practicing yourself and are slowly becoming better at seeing,
And distinguish between truths and lies.

Anything can fall into pieces,
A heart can be shattered into a thousand pieces.

Did you call me friend once,
Then i am here probally yet.… Hearts a Mess by Gotye.
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Submitted on
September 11, 2014


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